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XXX is not found   (Psychopy library/ files in Matlab)

Sometimes installation was done using an Admin user and the permissions were not set for the other users. 

In order to check that, right clique when starting Matlab (for exacmple) and choose "run as administrator". If the problem doesn't appear – then there is a need to add permissions to the files to other users via Windows (sharing or security)

Psychopy looks for libraries in various of places so check if there are multiple libraries with the same name and if they all contain the same data

Optic mouse doesn't work -> check "On/Off" button


Corrupted EEG data -> check if electrode fell

Technical Issues
How do I record using the microphone?
  1. Make sure the microphone is connected to Input 1 (In this case it will record to Left . You can also connect it to Input 2 and then it will record to Right).

  2. Use the right and left arrows keys to show the selected input on the LCD screen.

  3. Use the knob in the middle of the "PRE-AMP" section to adjust the sensitivity (for example to 18 dB)

  4. Need to turn on the PHANTOM button (lower left, "48V"). When it is off – the microphone is not working at all.

  5. According to the manual, Impedance should be set for "Lo-Z". This can be done using the CURSER/VALUE know (turn and press to clear the "V" sign of "Hi-Z".

  6. Compressor – can be set (page 60 in the manual)


 (refer to the OCTA-CAPTURE Owner's Manual for more settings)

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