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NPR : National Public Radio

Scientists are beginning to understand how people tune in to a single voice in a crowded, noisy room.

ISRAEL21c | Uncovering Israel

Israeli researcher Elana Zion Golumbic sheds light on how we are able to focus our attention on one speaker in a noisy environment.

BSF - United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation

Imagine you are surrounded by friends and colleagues at a fun and exciting party. You hear people around you talking, glasses clinking, and a sports game on a big screen television. What happens in your mind that allows you to instantly choose to join the conversation about a friend’s recent trip to Cuba? Called the Cocktail Party Problem

The Marker: Business-Israel News

האוזניים אינן בררניות, ומעבירות למוח את כל הצלילים הנקלטים בהן. איך בכל זאת אנחנו מצליחים לסנן מתוך בליל הרעש הזה רק את מה שחשוב לנו לשמוע? מחקר חדש מפענח את מנגנון הקשב

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