Lab Members

Dr. Elana Zion Golumbic

Principal Investigator

Lab Manager

Post-doc researcher

Research interests include natural language processing and linguistic attention, using methods such as RT experiments and fMRI.

(in collaboration with Dr. Michal Ben-Shachar from Bar-Ilan University)

Maya Kaufman

Post-Doc researcher

I am interested in neuronal encoding of speech and its interplay with attention in a multi-talker auditory scene.

Anat Kliger

PhD student

My research focuses on individual rhythms and synchronization to rhythmic stimuli. I am also interested in the interaction between rhythms and attention, and hope to contribute to enhancing attentional capabilities through rhythmic treatment.

PhD student

My thesis focuses on prioritization of auditory inputs, and specifically mechanisms that facilitate ignoring of background noises.

Paz Har-Shai Yahav

PhD student

My research interest is studying the “cocktail-party effect” and identifying neural markers indicating the depth of processing applied to attended and unattended speech and music.

Danna Pinto

PhD student

I am currently working on several research projects pertaining to Statistical Learning of a Pseudo-language, the effect of Name familiarity in the Cocktail Party Effect, and Spatial Attention.

Adi Brown

MSc student

My research interest is studying the semantic effects of natural language on attention in a multi-speaker environment.

Ori Steinberg

Research assistant

MSc student, Computer Science, specialize in AI

Aviya Sharabi

​Research assistant

Bar Lambez


Research interests: Investigating differences in attentional abilities across populations, focusing on aircraft pilots (as an example of 'attentional expertise') and individuals with ADHD.

Keren Shavit


Thesis: Characterizing behavioral patterns of focusing and shifting attention in real life environments.

Dan Agmon

Research assistant

Eshed Rabinovitch

Research Assistant

Noa Hacohen

Research Assistant

Matan Ben Noach

Computer Programmer

Tal Dalal

Research Assistant

Nadav Stoppelman

Past Lab Manager

Noa Slater

Past Lab Manager

Odelia Goldberg Nakar

Past Lab Manager

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Past Lab Members